There are a few towns from where you can watch wales in Canada, but the only one we visited (at least until now) is Tadoussac. From Quebec City it took about 3 hours by car (plus a short ferry) to get there, and it was really worth the trip.


Crossing on the Ferry

Crossing on the Ferry

The town of Tadoussac is beautiful, and its inhabitants clearly match the stereotype of friendly Canadians. You have to make sure you practice your French before you go there (just like almost any small town in Quebec), and Canadian French might be a bit difficult for those of us not used to it, but people in this touristic town will be glad to speak as slowly as it is necessary for you to understand them properly. The only problem we had was in a gas station on our way there. I was unable to understand the clerk’s French (she probably wasn’t so used to speak to tourists, so I assume her accent was a bit more closed), but a minute later another customer came in, someone who spoke both Canadian French and English, and he was happy to translate for us.

The town has a very beautiful beach. We visited during the summer and even then it wasn’t warm enough to swim, but it was great for a nice walk under the sun. The views were also worth seeing.

Tadoussac beach IMG_4855

And of course, whale watching was the most spectacular moment. It depends on your luck, the wind, and many unpredictable variables, but most of the times you can see them. In our case our boat couldn’t get very close, but we were close enough to see the whales showing their tails above the water, and it was quite a show.

whale watching in Tadoussac IMG_4889

But even if you are not lucky with the whales, I would say visiting Tadoussac is a great idea. It’s a beautiful place full of nice people and great views. We keep a great memory of it.

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