We already mentioned that visiting Girona is a good idea for a one day trip from Barcelona. However, you might be interested in escaping the city for a while, and maybe seeing some local fauna. If that’s the case, I strongly recommend that you take a day to visit the Cim d’Aligues (Eagles’ peak).

Cim d'aligues

Eagles are the protagonists here

After a 45 minutes drive from Barcelona, you can get to this beautiful mountain location, close to the town of Sant Feliu de Codines. The main activity is a prey birds show that usually takes a place at midday. The “scenario” is actually right next to the edge of the cliff, where these birds are free to fly around.

cim d'aligues

The landscape is quite spectacular

The show involves not only showing th   e flight and feeding of these majestic animals, but also seeing them flight right next to the audience. The birds of prey will fly so close to you that you will find yourself constantly docking to avoid getting hit by their wings. But don’t worry, even if you think they might hit you, the birds know very well what they are doing. They never crash or hurt anyone, which is why the show is intended for families with kids too. You’ll be allowed to take pictures, but make sure you don’t suddenly stand up, just in case.

eagles peak barcelona

Owls are also part of the show

Most of these animals have been born in captivity, since the Eagles’ peak association works together with the conservation foundation Black Vulture, as well as the local government’s agriculture department. The cages are large, and there you can see all of the variety of birds the Cim d’Aligues has. The guides will tell you all there is to know about their nature.


For an unusual one day trip from Barcelona, the Cim d’Aligues is a good option, especially if you want to take a break from urban tourism. For more information, you can visit their official website.

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