During our trip to Thailand I kept a little diary were I was writing down what happened everyday, the impressions we had and how we felt. I’ve been waiting for some time to work on it because I wanted to forget about the trip a bit before I jumped into it again, to live it like something new and bring back beautiful memories. Now we are ready to share that diary, hopefully it will inspire you on your trips too. I will include a disclosure of the amount of money spent everyday and some tips and links.


Day 1.

We start our little adventure with illusion. We had the good chance to meet up in the tube by chance and that made us think… good! That’s a good beginning, but that feeling suddenly ended when, after rolling up in foil my bag, I realized I left my phone inside, I felt it when it vibrated, I was afraid of the bill for carrying the phone on for more than 10 countries without turning it off, so I ripped off the foil wrap with my house keys, and tried to re-wrap it manually again afterwards. I mentally said goodbye to my backpack since I didn’t really trust the packaging I managed to create.

The first flight from London to Muscat was more or less nice, but I didn’t have any sleep, hopefully I will be able to sleep in the second one. Alan woke up in a bad mood because of a deft ear.

Muscat Airport wait.

Waiting at Muscat Airport.

Mistery! When I grabbed the big zoom lens I realized it had no cover, where is it? I left it home? I lost it on the way? Mission! To find a Canon lens cover in Bangkok first thing in the morning.

The arrival has been great (my bag made it through, YAY!),  although we had to share our plane with 4 drunk Irish men who kept the plane on the ground for a while because the crew refused to take off with them inside. They were almost kicked out, but the crew finally decided to give them a chance (they made them promise that they would behave).



Once in Bangkok’s airport we bought a SIM card that offered one month pay as you go and 3 gigs for 500 Bath, and they configured the phones for us right there. We are connected!

Great, next step was to take a taxi and go to our guesthouse (the only hotel we had booked for our trip), and although the driver didn’t speak a word of English, when we showed him the indications in our phone he said: Cool!!

The hotel was “The Royal Thatien“, and the owner was waiting for us. He explained us some tricks against the tuk-tuk drivers and other tourist traps. It was around 22:00 when we arrived and we were starving, so we decided to go for dinner, the owner walked us from the guesthouse to the flower market (which was like 5 minutes away). At that point we were sweating like pigs and the heat was being overwhelming. The flower market fascinated me. The first encounter with the busy Asia feeling, where a lot, A LOT of people were taking boxes, carrying stuff, buying, selling.. and it was 22.00 in the evening! I was very surprised by the amount of people we found. It was more busy than Ramblas ( Barcelona) on a daytime. I also found some people sleeping int he middle of the street, just like they were walking and suddenly decided to have a nap right there.

It also shocked me the little attention on us, we were the only tourists in the market and no one was even looking at us, which was great.We bought a couple of soup bowls to a lady who was selling in a little post by the market. It was tasty and very cheap (less than £2, BOTH). We are wondering if we will regret this soup later on during night time or tomorrow morning. After a long walk and the 16 hour flight we decided to head back to our guesthouse which is amazing, and have some rest.

from the hotel to the Flower Market

From the hotel to the Flower Market

First night at Bangkok!


About the hotel:

The Royal Tathien, we recommend it very much. The place is beautiful, with those shiny, clean, wood floors. The owner was really nice to us and walked us to the flower market which is just 5 minutes from the guesthouse. Everything worked perfectly fine, and it has a very relaxing balcony were you can sit and just chill. Prize: £16 one night for a double bedroom.

Money Spent (all of this is the total amount for 2 people):

£20 Wrapping our backpacks (10 each) which was a waste, in my opinion.

£11 Pret A Manger dinner at the Airport before departing.

£4,5 Boots, last minute toiletries.

£4.5 Coffee at Oman Airport between flights.

1010 Bahts// £20  2 SIM cards, 3 Gig for one month.

600 Bahts// £11 Taxi to Guesthouse

90 Bahts// £1.79 Dinner at the Flower Market

Now, looking back, we realize the taxi overcharged us (always ask them to turn on the taximeter, if they don’t just get out of the taxi, you will find another… trust us, the difference is huge) and the wrapping of the bags was unnecessary.



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