28th June 2014. DAY 2

We started the day having breakfast by the river, in a little café next to our guesthouse. We had a delicious rainbow cake, filled with color in a dark chocolate wrap, not very Thai, but lovely anyway. During that day we had to meet with a friend of ours who had been travelling around Asia during the previous months and was returning to London to baby sit our flat, since we were travelling now. So we decided to go for a walk in the neighborhood, where we found a little relaxing park (Saranrom Park ), again without tourists. I was surprised of being in constant awe all the time, everything looked exotic to me, even the grass or a common bird.

walking around the park

Saranrom Park (number 1 in map)


A gentleman who introduced himself as the manager of the park came to talk to us and suggested us to go and check the Happy Buddha  festival. We had no idea what he was talking about but he really took a lot of effort to trying to convince us to go, but the thing is, many other tuk-tuk drivers or random people in the street were stopping us and trying to sell us the Happy Buddha day also with a tuk-tuk ride along all the temples at a very “convenient” prize. Luckily the owner of the guesthouse advised us against this, and we were prepared to politely decline with the excuse of the meeting with my friends.

So, after a while we headed back to our guesthouse were we met with our friends.

hotel room

Our room in the Guesthouse. The balcony was super relaxing with this little sculptures of flying pigs hanging from the ceiling. (number 7 in map)


It was very nice to see them, the last time I saw them was the day before they left for they adventure. Now they looked tanned and healthy. We started walking until we reached the famous street were all backpackers go (Khaosan Road) and I didn’t like it at all. It was full of tourists and noise, and everything looked very artificial. After our first encounter with the city last night this seemed completely out of place.

We had a delicious lunch (I had sea food and a delicious mango ice cream). We took a boat to the other side of the river and we went to a Buddhist monastery (Wat Kalayanamit).

Wat Kalayanamit temple

Wat Kalayanamit temple. ( number 3 in map)



It was full of praying people, and they touch these bells that are hanging in a line. They were sticking incense and bringing flowers as an offering. I felt a bit uncomfortable with my clothes, since I was showing my legs and arms, tomorrow I will dress in a proper way for the temples.

Wat Kalayanamit Temple

Wat Kalayanamit Temple (number 3 in map )


As we were waiting for the boat back to the east side of the river, we got entertained by a big, huge amount of catfish being fed from ashore by pedestrians and also from boats, apparently it is a famous catfish spot.

We walked down to Chinatown, which seemed really dirty to me. My friend sat to have a soup while I went to buy some rambutans, and when I was back he told me: -I’ve been sitting her for 10 minutes and I already saw 2 rats.-  And yes! I saw them too… biggest rats I’ve ever seen!

Chinatown Bangkok

Chinatown Bangkok ( number 4)


After that we walked a lot to get to the golden Hill (Wat Saket), but the temple on top of it was closed, so we decided to hang out there for a while. It was beautiful and quite relaxing.

Golden Hill

Golden Hill .Wat Saket (number 5)

When we walked down it was dark already, so we stopped in a bar to have some beers, and we went back to Khaosan Road to have dinner at an Indian restaurant. After a while we are still exhausted from the trip and all the walking, but tomorrow we will be leaving the city in the afternoon. We want to take a train to the south and head to the islands. From here on we don’t have anything planned yet. We are thinking about buying plane tickets to go to Cambodia.

We headed back to our guesthouse slowly in the heat of the night.

You can check the video diary of this day here.

Route of the day.

Map route of 2nd day in Bangkok

Map route of 2nd day in Bangkok

7. Hotel

1.Saranrom Park

2 and 6.Khaosan Road

3.Wat Kalayanamit Temple


5.Golden Hill Wat Saket



Money Spent (all of this is the total amount for 2 people):

250 B/£5  Breakfast

185 B/£3,5  lunch

80 B/£1,5 smoothies

150 B/£ 3 plug

125 B/£2,5 sunscreen

12 B/£0,2 4 boat trips

80 B/£1,5 snack

450 B/£9 dinner

50 B/£1 scorpion

160 B/£3 beers

£16 one double bedroom at The Royal Tathien

We had quite a lot of snacks, here and there. The fruit smoothies are the best thing I ever tried. We became absolutely addicted to them and we had at least one everyday. We intentionally left the plug and sunscreen to be bought in Thailand because we knew it was going to be cheaper. Alan had to try and eat a scorpion, I didn’t felt like it :P. But basically we spent a lot in the breakfast, don’t know exactly why, because the place didn’t look expensive at all.

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