Today I began the day hating myself, since I realized that I lost my card. Actually I recall were I “lost” it, and it was just at the airport, after landing when I took money from the cash point. Here, the cash points work like that: you put in the card, you get money and AFTER THAT you get the card. I’m so used to the system: first give back the card, then the money, and I was so excited about our arrival to Bangkok that I forgot about the card. So I had to call to the UK and have my card cancelled, they offered me a transfer through Western Union but I declined. Now we rely completely in Alan’s card.

After this little handicap I decided that there was nothing I could do, so better enjoy myself and we went for breakfast next to our hotel. Later we decided to buy the flights for Cambodia from the Internet station in the hotel. We are going to save that trip for the last week, so we have a whole two weeks to explore Thailand without rush. We decided to go first to the south and check the islands on the east side, so today we will go to the train station and get a bed train ticket to wake up in the south! We checked the time tables and there was one at 18:45. The journey is going to take around 11 hours, is probably going to be tough but I’m sure we will be fine.

Today we were visiting the Lying Buddha (which was also just a 10 minutes walk from our hotel) and we really loved it. A huge statue and if you donate 20 Bahts you get a little pot with coins that you can put inside some kind of urns that are positioned one after the other so as you walk you may deposit the coins inside each pot, making a distinct ding-ding noise.

Lying Buddha Temple

Lying Buddha Temple

The building was huge, many colors and golden temples surrounded by water, wells and tropical trees, and also an army of Buddhas, we actually got lost in it trying to get out. I put some incense next to one of them, for my mom, she had asked me to do so. I am not sure to whom I offered the incense (she had many arms), but I think that next time I will buy a flower collar in the flower market and I will bring it with me to put on the statues as an offering.

Some monks at the Lying Buddha Temple, the feet of the Buddha, and the sculpture I put some incense to for my mom.

Some monks at the Lying Buddha Temple, the feet of the Buddha, and the sculpture I offered some incense to for my mom.

Happy in the temple of the Lying Buddha.

Happy in the temple of the Lying Buddha.

We met our friends in the temple and we decided to walk around the flower market next to our hotel, we had the feeling that it had so much more to explore, and it didn’t disappoint. We walked around flowers, people, and we ended up in a big food market, with endless streets piled up with boxes and vegetables.

Flower Market

Flower Market

food market

Food Market

We had lunch in a street place and then we went off to take a boat to cross to the other side of the city,to see a different kind of museum: the medical museum of Bangkok. The things that you can see exposed there I think would be illegal to exhibit in a museum in Europe, like malformed babies in a jar and real corpses from murders and people who suffered a strange dead. It was actually very interesting but I won’t suggest it if you are a bit apprehensive.

I had to wait for this lizard stop using the cash point so I could use it.

I had to wait for this lizard stop using the cash point so I could use it.

After this we decided it was time to head down to the train station to buy our tickets and maybe have some dinner with my friends while we wait, they were flying back to London the next day, as their adventure got to an end ours was just beginning. The cats took possession of the train station, although all of them were very thin. You can tell they are survivors since people is not really taking care of them or treating them properly, at least not as good as in Istanbul anyway.

Disappointment!!! We couldn’t get a bed ticket (we were at the station like 2 or 3 hours before the departure time at 18:00h but it wasn’t enough)  we got a second class ticket for 750Bahts each that included the train+bus+boat to Koh Samui. We are heading south to the city of Surat Thani.

I discovered a new fruit today: the little banana! Absolutely delicious, we just bought a bunch to take them in the train with us and I’m eating them all. I realized that I’m trying to avoid tourists and I’m loving how many of the Thai people don’t even notice us. We are the only non Thais in the wagon so I guess this is really blending in, good!

Bye Bangkok!

Bye Bangkok!

It’s midnight and I can’t sleep. If I pop out my head through the window the smell has completely changed, now I can smell clean and wet vegetation, it’s a warm smell like wood. The longest branches come in the train through the open windows, I wish it was daylight so I can see what is around us. There’s people selling food walking down the aisle shouting, every ten minutes. The toilet is a hole in the floor of a little tiny room, and the train stops every 20 minutes. This is by far the worst train trip I ever had, but I’m still excited.

You can check the Vlog Diary for this entry here:

Money Spent (all of this is the total amount for 2 people):

300 B/ 5,5 £  Breakfast

11.220 B/ 209 £ Flights to Cambodia

200 B/ 3.7£  Lying Buudha

80 B/ 1.4 £ lunch

80 B/ 1,4£ boat

400 B/5.4£  museum of Dead people

1496 B/28 £ train tickets that inlcude train+bus+ferry

80 B/ 1.4£ dinner

22 B/0.4 £ water and bananas

I suggest to try to get the train tickets early that day in the morning, so you can get a bed ticket. And don’t forget the card in the cash point, and if you are going to do that… don’t do it the first hour you are on the country were you will spend the rest of the month.

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