We started our trip through Argentina with 2 days in its capital, Buenos Aires. It’s a very big city with a dense population and many different neighborhoods. Our hotel was in the center (close to the famous obelisk that is generally shown as symbol of the city) and though the center isn’t what it used to be (it looks very deteriorated), we had very good commuting options from there.

One of our first stops was the beautiful neighborhood of Palermo, where most of the best parks in the city are located. For a reasonable price we entered the Japanese gardens, which we really loved. Lots of fishes, lovely bridges and an amazing Eastern decoration turned the Japanese gardens in one of our favorite places in the whole city. Outside of Japan, the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires is the largest one in the world.

Japanese Garden Palermo Buenos Aires

The Japanese Garden in Palermo

Still in the neighborhood of Palermo, we visited the rose garden trail. Although there weren’t roses there in September (last weeks of the winter in the Southern hemisphere), the gardens still made for a nice visit. There were some lakes with ducks, and we could see the planetarium building a few blocks away.


One of the many lakes in the parks of Palermo.

The next day we went to Puerto Madero, a new area next to the river, with modern buildings and many restaurants and cafeterias. We walked around, took a few pictures, and then bough a sandwich to go to the natural reserve of “Costanera Norte”, to relax and escape the noisy mood of the big city.

Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero

The natural reserve was basically just a forested area next to the river. Since it was a sunny Saturday we found a good amount of people jogging and doing exercise, as well as walking or riding bicycles (as we were doing). There were many local trees and some birds, and from a few spots you could see the city and the river, which was nice.

Costanera norte natural reserve

Riding a bike in the Costanera Norte reserve, close to Puerto Madero.

On the afternoon we went to visit the famous cemetery of Recoleta. Famous people from Argentinian history are buried there, including Evita among them. The cemetery was really spectacular and I must say both this place and the neighborhood around it were among my favorite parts of the visit. It’s a great place to take spectacular pictures.

Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires

The Cemetery of Recoleta. Up right, the grave of Evita.

The last day, before we left, we went back to Palermo and visited the botanical gardens. Trees from all around the world are there, as well as a butterfly area. It’s also a place where cats come to visit, so you can come if you like them.

Over all, although we are really looking forward to the natural places, the city of Buenos Aires still has, nowadays, some really nice places worth visiting. We can recommend it for a short trip, but probably not for many days if you have a tight schedule to visit the country. The amazing natural landscapes of Argentina are waiting for us.

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