We are a couple of travelers. We travel for fun, because it’s our favorite hobby, and because we strongly believe that traveling is one of the greatest ways a person can grow in the full meaning of the word. We created this site because we want a diary, a way to keep track of our travel stories, and a practical way to share our knowledge and experiences with fellow travelers who are thinking of going to one of our previous destinations, or want some first hand stories, pictures and practical facts.

We are Alan and Laia, we are both excited about this project, and while we travel together and go to the same places, usually our personal experiences vary a lot. Being a couple doesn’t mean that we think in the exact same way or that we always pick the exact same activities. This is why we are going to give more than one post for the same place, or we are going to, sometimes, give contradictory indications. But don’t worry, we will state clearly who wrote what.

Alan is the city lover, he likes planning to travel with everything under control and loves luxury. His favorite type of adventure is always related to big heights. He is the cerebral, reasonable half of this team and usually he is very good with the logistics of a route. Also he is the one filming everything and editing our videos.

Laia is the nature loving one. She likes to interact with animals, and usually takes us to visit the strangest places. She also likes to hike, go on road trips; and she gets impressed easily with a nice landscape.


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