written by Alan

We started our trip through Argentina with 2 days in its capital, Buenos Aires. It’s a very big city with a dense population and many different ...

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2 days in Buenos Aires

elephant nature park

The Elephant Nature Park is located next to Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand. It’s a place where elephants that have been mistreated or hurt, mostly...

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Elephant Nature Park review

Our road trip through California was great all around, but our favorite part was probably Yosemite Valley. We only had two days to dedicate to the hug...

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2 days in Yosemite Valley

Our road trip through California wouldn’t have been complete without a stop at San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the United Sta...

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3 days in San Francisco

Last weekend we went to the Cotswolds, a nice area about 2 hours from London by car, to have a relaxed 2 days break. We left London on Saturday mornin...

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Weekend break at the Cotswolds

During February we did a short trip to Vienna. We spent 3 nights there, almost full 4 days since we managed to get plane tickets with good leaving and...

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4 days in Vienna